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African American Community Empowerment Council, believes that authentic community engagement and informed government accountability are essential for building and supporting societal change.   We champion for inclusion and equity and work to improve opportunity access and quality of life within California's African American communities. Our success is built on high standards and enduring engagement  with every day actions grounded in hard-earned skills,  personal dedication and deliberate actions of our private, government, and corporate contributors.  


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Our Vision

We recognize  California’s diversity is a strength and are committed to developing collaborative and sustainable partnerships to cultivate the abundant talents and creativity of the African American community; thereby enhancing self-sufficiency and social equality into the future



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What We Do?

Although the African American community has its share of successes it cannot be denied that gaps exists between this Community and the State overall in areas such as employment, educational achievement, housing, and health care.  Effective leadership will have a Vision that realizes what is good for communities is good for the State, any level of community disenfranchisement is negative, and sub optimization simply does not make good business sense.  Great leaders define their jobs in this way and are simply motivated to do the right thing.


The big question – do communities and their leaders have a shared Vision on mutual success? An effective partnership between communities and governmental leaders cannot exist unless we hold the same paradigm of the community.  Are communities simply disenfranchised citizens with little contributory value or a talented and valued resource pool that can and do contribute greatly to the overall growth and success of the State. How we view the world, the State, and particularly how we view the communities and its people will have a tremendous impact on shaping the potential solutions crafted by the State’s Leader. 


We are recommending several Initiatives to achieve our Vision at this time.  The list in not all-inclusive but a great foundation to begin the exchange of ideas and hopefully serve both the Community and the Leader of Choice in moving the agenda forward. The Initiatives are:

  1. Educational Viability and Innovation

  2. Economic Development – Employment Triage

  3. African American Leadership    

  4. Justice System Reform

  5. Small Business Development

  6. Affordable Housing Innovation

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