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California Media Group

Sacramento Observer


Sacramento HUB


Sun-Reporter Publishing Company (Sun-Reporter, California Voice, Metro Reporter Group)


Post News Group (Oakland Post, Vallejo Post, Stockton Post, South County Post, San Francisco Post, Richmond Post, Marin County Post, Berkeley Tri-City Post)


The Bay Area Review


San Francisco Bay View


East Palo Alto Today


Observer News Group (Bakersfield Observer, Los Angeles News Observer, The Valley's News Observer)


Voice Media (Black Voice News, IE Voice)


Westside Story News


San Bernardino American News


Inland Valley News


Our Weekly - LA & Antelope Valley


Richmond Pulse


LA Sentinel & LA Watts Times


LA Focus


Inglewood Today


Pace News 


Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Journal


Carib Press


Compton Herald


San Diego Voice & Viewpoint


San Diego Monitor


Central Valley Voice


The Precinct Reporter Group (Precinct Reporter, Tri-County Bulletin, Long Beach Leader)


Black Women Organized For Political Action ( BWOPA)


California Chambers of Commerce

Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce


Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce


Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce


Black Chamber of Commerce - Inland Empire


San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce


Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce


Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce


California Black Chamber of Commerce


California African American Chamber of Commerce


Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce


Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce


Monterey County African American Chamber Of Commerce


California Small Business Association 


Tabernacle Community Development Corporation 

California Churches


California Southern Baptist Convention 

AME Church 


CME Church 


Southern Baptist Convention


California Baptist Convention 



California Legislative Black Caucus

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