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Re-entry Programs 

As incarceration rates decrease, funds allocated for this purpose should be applied to reintegration and education programs within the prisons and juvenile facilities to develop those being released and make them better functioning members of society. There is an indisputable link between crime and absence of opportunity, between crime and lack of hope. Combating illiteracy, incomplete education, and lack of experience will allow those previously imprisoned a chance to succeed and contribute.

Enhanced Safety and Law Enforcement/Community 

Police officers should use deadly force only when there are no alternatives that would prevent death or serious bodily injury.

Sentencing Laws and Equitable Treatment 

Strategies for new jobs creation, housing the newly released, and drug addiction education and counseling, represent clear actionable steps to get in front of recidivism and disenfranchisement.

Eliminate the Money Bail System 

Monetary bail is a racial justice issue and an economic justice issue. Poverty is not a crime and we cannot continue to assign a price to freedom.

Fully Fund the State Court System 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the power of remote attendance that would allow increased participation in societal justice without compromising the ability to earn a living. The inclusion of electronic documents reduces chance of loss or misplacement of files and case information can be shared with other courts more efficiently rather than relying on mail or other services. All records of fact should be similarly available and recorded for all those experiencing the court process. 


The presence of court reporters in every California civil court would provide for the documentation of every record of fact for all individuals regardless of economic status. Intelligent chat technology and other self-help services would alleviate backlog and waiting.  Provide court-appointed dependency counsel to represent children and parent clients at every stage of the dependency proceeding to help reduce attorney caseloads statewide.

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