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Achieving Equity for Community Small Media Businesses

Community access to information is essential for achieving equity for African American small media businesses and should be included regularly in outreach and advertising. As such, strategies must be designed, implemented, and funded to include our outlets and effectively reach our communities.

Public Notices Utilization 

Public notices are an effective way to inform citizens of the everyday activities of government. Published public notices inform not just the political insiders who might occasionally visit a government website or sign up for mailed alerts, or even those with a direct stake in the matter, but the entire community.

Budget Act language or Other Directives Requiring Effective Advertisements

It is necessary and important for the state to become more inclusive of underserved communities as relates to the public’s “right to know” and increase the transparency of our government. It is important for the state to adopt Budget Act requirements for public notice transparency with African American and other ethnic media.

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