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Alliances to Facilitate Business Relations

Processes to ensure reasonable consideration is given to qualified African American candidates for department appointments and alliances with community business leaders and organizations to serve as facilitators for relationships between private industry and government for the recruitment of qualified candidates for corporate boards of directors and C-suite opportunities should be developed.

Internships and Fellowships 

Ensure a pipeline of community talent is developed and maintained for both government and private entities. This requires working with state colleges and universities to create internships and fellowship programs that reflect the real needs of the current and future environment.

Establish and Ensure Continuity of Progress for the African American Community

Full inclusion and participation by African American leaders in the corporate world, public sector, and, judicial system is essential to creating and sustaining economic empowerment, equity and accountability.  This creates positive role models, promotes economic self-sufficiency and criminal justice equality, and provides sustainability and continuity of adopted strategies.  

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